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High Speed Ytype Metal Zipper Teeth Planting Machine

Short Description:

Brand : HHD

Product origin : Guangdong Province

Delivery time : Within 15days after downpayment

Supply capacity : 100 sets/ month

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High Speed Y Type Metal Zipper Teeth Planting Machine(Single side)

Machine Picture:                                                                                                                                               

Y type zipper teeth planting machine.jpg

Machine Character:

1.  The latest high-speed design results is compact and simple mechanical structure, which improving the previous complicated structure, operation more easy to understand;

2. The patented high speed structure device can greatly help enhance production efficiency while lowers noise by 20 decibels. The parts that are processed with special materials can prolong the service life of accessories.

3. Precision high-performance mold and precision Y teeth together, the production of y tooth zipper more beautiful and beautiful

Machine Technical Data:                                                                                                     



Machine name

 Y-type double roll single side making  machine

Average output








Net weight


Product Tag High Speed Ytype Metal Zipper Teeth Planting Machine

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