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A Simple Method of Repairing Zippers


Damage to zippers is a common problem in our daily life. Here are some simple ways to repair the broken zippers.
If the zipper lock is broken, you can only change the zipper lock.
If it's not bad, follow the following steps:

  1. First remove the top tooth of the zipper with pliers, both sides of the zipper should be pulled out.

2. Pull the zipper lock to the top
3. Then merge the two teeth together.
4. Put the zipper lock in again (there is a certain difficulty, because the diameter of the metal zipper is thicker, if not, cut a small hole in the diameter, remember, do not cut in the place where the big teeth are installed, should rely on the top place to cut, otherwise the big teeth will not fit in)
5. Put the zipper lock in and put the big teeth on. Everything is OK.


Or Alternatively:

1.When the opening and closing are not smooth, if the chain head is pulled forcefully, the tooth element occlusion fault will occur. It is then applied to the surface and inside of the tooth parts with the wax or lubricating spray (zipper FASTENERMATE), and then slid and relaxed after several times.

2. The zipper on bags with too much stuff, if the zipper is closed, the force of the zipper is too large, which will make the teeth detach from the belt. This is more serious in zipper failure. Pull the left and right teeth closer so that the chain head can easily pass through the closed zipper. It's better to take out some of the things in the bag instead of filling it too full.
3. When opening and closing the zipper, sometimes the zipper head bites the line segment or cloth and makes the zipper not move. If the zipper is forced to pull, the deeper the zipper will bite. On the one hand, the zipper should be retreated, on the other hand, the cloth should be untied. When biting in completely, do not pull the pull head vigorously, please pull back slowly. Also, when sewing zippers, do not leave hidden dangers.

Zippers zip up and burst out on their own
This kind of problem is because the pull head is too long and the caliber is bigger. If you want to solve it temporarily, just clip the pull head and tail with pliers. Pay attention to the tail, but pay attention not to exert too much force or deviation. If you want to solve it thoroughly, you should replace the pull head. Zipper repair is actually very simple.

Post time: May-08-2019