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About the zipper

1. Zipper structure

The zipper has the following parts

a) Slider

The slider is the movable part of the zipper, which disengages or interlocks the two groups of elements (stringers) to form a chain. Depending on the application, various types of sliders can be used.

b) Elements

The elements are the parts on each side of the zipper, they will disengage or interlock with each other when passing through the slider. Elements can be teeth, scoops and coils

c) Adhesive tape

The narrow width material to which the component is to be connected. The durability of the tape is the main factor that affects the performance of the zipper. The tape can be cotton, synthetic fiber or fiber odorless.

d) Chain

The zipper chain is composed of two interlocking element stringers, which are locked and unlocked with the movement of the slider.

e) stop

The design of the top and bottom of the chain or stringer prevents the slider from leaving the chain.

f) Zip

A handle or part connected to the slider to move it. They may be small, large, round, plain weave with the zipper manufacturer’s logo.

Post time: Nov-24-2021