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Automatic zipper threading machine, die-cutting machine failure causes

Cardboard mouths have different rules. All die-cutting machines themselves wear zipper heads, they may wear zipper heads, and the machine will produce errors in accuracy. If you want to wear zipper heads to improve the accuracy of die-cutting and indentation, we must choose high-precision zipper heads. Die cutting machine. The manual plate-making method of zipper puller requires high technical level of the plate maker. The plate-making machine is affected by various factors such as the technical level and experience of the plate maker’s technical wear zipper puller. It is suitable for medium and short version packaging with low precision requirements. Therefore, to get a good die-cutting accuracy, you must choose an advanced plate-making method; such as checking the cardboard gripper specification error, the zipper head machine is large, and the zipper head machine may be the rear positioning of the die-cutting machine (also known as It is the second positioning) The toggle distance is too small, you can solve it by adjusting the positioning and increasing the turning distance of the zipper puller. Through the problems that occur in daily production, the company has solved the root causes of these problems, so that the die-cutting machine can quickly solve the problem of zipper puller in the production, and also avoid the problems in the production process according to the problems that occur. The root cause of mechanical failure. Wear zipper head machine

Post time: Oct-19-2021