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Do you know the similarities between the benefits of single zipper and double zipper for clothes?

Common point: whether it is a single zipper or a double zipper, it is to make the product more beautiful, make the life of consumers more convenient and fast, and not waste some unnecessary time on small things.

The two-way zipper is mainly used for outdoor clothing. In the event of an accidental abdominal injury, the zipper below can be directly opened to facilitate treatment.

First of all, the two-way zipper is an ornament; secondly, the two-way zipper is more durable than the single-image zipper, whether it is for a chain or a wire drawing, and thirdly, the double-image zipper is convenient to use. Zipper, which is often seen in daily life, is also an indispensable thing in life. Clothes, bags, and even shoes have a place for zippers. The zipper facilitates people’s life and is also a fashionable decoration. Sometimes the clothes are long, you can pull the zipper up when you sit down, it is more comfortable to sit down.

The color fastness of the zipper puller mainly includes the washing and friction resistance of the product. Generally, it refers to the dyeing fabric’s resistance to external factors (extrusion, friction, soaping, rain, exposure, etc.) during use or processing. degree of fading. Whether it is a single zipper or a double zipper, when choosing a zipper puller for a garment, not only should pay attention to the difference between the color of the zipper tape and the fabric, that is, the color difference, but also the color fastness of the clothing zipper tape. .

For the manufacturer, whether the color fastness of the zipper reaches the standard level and whether the color transfer between the zipper of the handbag and the clothing will directly affect the quality of the final product. As a clothing manufacturer, when choosing a zipper supplier, you should pay attention to the three color fastnesses of the zipper: light fastness, color migration and soaping fastness, so as to avoid these problems and improve the quality of clothing .

Post time: Dec-26-2022