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Dyeing Machine

The scope and precautions of the dyeing machine:
A dyeing machine is a machine used for textile dyeing. The dyeing machine can be used for the dyeing and bleaching of garments such as sweaters and cotton sweaters, and can also be used for dyeing and dyeing of finished products such as gloves, socks and towels. It is a widely used dyeing machine. The dyeing machine is characterized by strong penetrating power and stable and reliable operation.

When operating the dyeing machine, be careful to check the various parts of the machine frequently. If there is a problem, it should be dealt with in a timely manner. The fabric to be dyed should be sorted according to color, texture, etc., not all mixed together. Note that it is not good to put in a suitable chemical dose. After the dyeing machine is finished, the power of the equipment should be cut off in time to prevent accidents.




Post time: Sep-05-2019