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Features and working principle of zipper machine

There are many names of chain conveyors, such as: zipper machine buried scraper conveyor, fly ash conveyor, etc. Many customers need zipper machines, but I don’t know why zipper machines are easy to use, so today I will briefly explain them for us. Explain, the characteristics and working principle of the zipper machine, I hope to help us, we can read it carefully.

Chain conveyors are widely used in automatic transportation, distribution, and in-line transportation of subsequent packaging of food, cans, medicines, beverages, cosmetics and cleaning supplies, paper products, condiments, dairy and tobacco, etc. In addition, the chain conveyor has a very good transportation effect for more serious materials. Let me talk about the characteristics of the chain conveyor for us:
Chain conveyors have many features: 1. Large conveying capacity, high-efficiency conveyors allow a large amount of materials to be conveyed in a small space, with a conveying capacity of 6m/h~600m/h. 2. The transportation energy consumption is low. With the help of the internal friction force of the material, the propelling material is changed into pulling, which saves 50% of electricity compared with the screw conveyor. 3. Sealed and safe, the fully sealed casing makes the dust seamless drillable, safe to operate and reliable to operate. 4. Long service life, the conveyor chain made of alloy steel by advanced heat treatment methods, its normal life is > 5 years, and the roller life on the chain (according to different materials) is ≥ 2~3 years. 5. The process placement is flexible, it can be placed on elevated, ground or pit, can be installed horizontally or on a slope (≤15°), or can be installed horizontally and on a slope with the same machine, and can be loaded and discharged at multiple points. 6. Low operating cost, power saving and durability, less repair and low cost (about 1/10 of the screw machine), which can ensure the normal operation of the main engine to increase output, reduce consumption, improve efficiency and other characteristics.

Post time: Sep-23-2022