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How should we prevent the metal zipper to be faded?

1.The zipper color will be faded when it is bleached with the woollens.So how to prevent this could be happened?

Here is something we should know the woollen:
is available to be bleached with oxidizer such as peroxide;
is availabl to be bleached with reducing agent such as hydrogen sulfide;
In addition, some of the woollens is bleachd with oxychloride for being wearable.

It will produce some gas just like chlorine and sulfur dioxide at the damp conditions if the woollens doesn’t be washed or neutralized, especially it should be washed by sulfate and chlorid. For instance, the metal zipper surface will be faded caused by all sorts of chemical elements and gas if the woollen item is packed in the bag instantly after being ironed.

So, the woollen should be dry and be washed totally before being applied;
and secondly, after being ironed, the woollen products should be cooled enough time before being packed;

Samely to the zipper on the leather clothes when it is esposed in the damp circumstance,it will also be faded.
The reason is that the leather products adopt the rest tannin and acid while it is processed.And the coal of tannin is formed by other sulphoacid, mineral acid, chromium compound ,tannin and aldehyde compound.But it is the animals’ protein that the leather contain mostly, and it’s hard to clean the tannin compound for leather,so most of the chemical elements are left in the leather.
That’s why we should use the leather that is washed totally;

2.How to stop the bronze and black coppr to be faded?
Firstly,the cloth strap be dry and washed thoroughly,because there are some acid elements or oxide will be left in the cloth strap the cloth is dyed and surface preparation,the acid elemetns will react with GKB & GK zipper so as to dye the cloth strap especially for the white and undertint cloth strap. In addition, the zipper will also react with the dyestuff.

The olefin will be transfered to the zipper after the zipper being processed waterproof, how to stop the zipper to be faded?
The olefin is covered on the zipper for using it smoothly.But when the metal zipper is sewed on the cloth strap and ironed ,the olefin will be melted, dying the cloth. So, it should be isolated by one piece of paper or strap between the zipper and the cloth strap.

3.How to stop the metal zipper to be faded caused by reacted dyestuff?
As we all known,the cotton items will be faded by the reacted dyestuff at the damp circumstance, because the the dyed items ‘ dyestuff will be reacted with the metal ion, leading to the copper alloy faded.
Here is the solution
After the clothes being dyed again, it should be kept dry and arid place
No clothes be packed in the plastic or polyethylene bag
No clothes be exhibited the high temperature or damp site

Post time: Jan-07-2020