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How to choose different zippers as needed as needed

The zipper on the market is changed from the market demand of different masks. Now the masks on the market are mainly used in industries such as industry, chemical industry, and construction industries. In addition, masks are also used in people’s daily life. According to market demand, zipper machines are mainly divided into three types: plane zipper, cup zipper and special zipper machines. Different masks need different zipper machines. Some merchants who have not been exposed to the mask industry have thought that a mask machine can produce a batch of masks, but it is not. To produce a complete set of masks, a complete set of zipper equipment is required, including the zipper welding of the ear, the zipper fits the nose bridge, and so on. Let’s learn how to choose a zipper.

It is to choose a mask material. In China, our disposable mask is the main product of the mask market. Most of the disposable masks are made of non -woven materials, which are not odorless and harmless to the human body. Cup -shaped masks or alien masks with nasal beam strips can closely fit the sides of the nostrils with the mask to avoid air leakage. In addition, non -woven materials are energy -saving and environmentally friendly, and are made of low cost polypropylene. Secondly, the type of mask is selected. After selecting the material of the mask, what kind of mask must be selected. Tabled mask is a common type of mask on the market. It has low manufacturing costs and is convenient for dust filtering for factories, workshops and construction sites. At present, some large and medium cities are seriously polluted by PM2.5, and there is a tight mask on the market -N95 mask. Although the cost of making this mask is relatively high, it can effectively filter the small dust in the air, effectively prevent PM2.5 from harm the human body, and is more suitable for people living in metropolitan areas. Of course, different masks have different functions. It mainly depends on how mask manufacturers can locate their own markets. After selecting the manufacturer of the mask machine, choosing a machine is really a penny. Many times the machine is not only unable to keep up with production capacity, but also fails from time to time, making the mask manufacturer upset. If you find some black manufacturers, there will be a failure after buying the machine. After calling them after -sales, there may be no one, that is, it is a great loss! Therefore, the key to selecting the mask machine is to choose quality, technology and manufacturers.

Post time: Mar-16-2023