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How to protect the zipper machine

There are many factors that affect the mechanical wear of the zipper. The most important factor is the assembly and installation quality of the zipper machinery.

      The assembly quality of the components has a great influence on the wear, especially the gap adjustment. If the gap is too small, it is not easy to form an oil film, but high friction heat is generated, and in severe cases, the friction pair is killed. When the gap is too large, it is difficult to form an oil film, and impact, vibration, and noise exacerbate wear. Another example is the improper clearance of the piston ring of the internal combustion engine, which may cause the piston oil or piston ring to pull the cylinder liner.

      If the components or machines with the same zipper mechanical equipment are installed incorrectly, they will cause impact, vibration, uneven load, machine wear, heat, noise, etc., causing premature wear of the zipper machine. For example, if the turbine unit, the Roots blower, etc. are not leveled or the coaxiality error with the motor shaft is too large, the vibration and noise will be intensified, the bearing oil film will be damaged or the temperature will be increased, and the wear will be accelerated. In addition, the structure of the sport and the nature of the movement will also affect the wear and the degree of uniform wear. Unreasonable design of the part’s shape will also increase wear and so on.

Post time: May-08-2019