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Introduction and classification of zipper chain materials

1、 Resin zipper:

Features: The resin zipper is tough, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, colorful, and applicable to a wide range of temperatures. In addition, because of the large area of the upper and lower planes of the chain teeth, it is conducive to inlaying diamonds or gemstones on the plane, making the zipper more beautiful and luxurious, doubling its value, and becoming a practical craft decoration. Disadvantages: Because the chain teeth have large particles and a rough feeling, the light and smooth degree of closing is slightly inferior to that of other types of zippers of the same model (nylon zippers, metal zippers).

Scope of application: clothes with thick fabrics, jackets (casual wear), ski shirts (cold clothing), down jackets, children’s clothing (outerwear), work clothes, military training clothes, ordnance cover bags, etc.

2、 Nylon zipper:

Features: Nylon zipper is soft, smooth and colorful. The most prominent features are light, thin chain teeth and flexibility. In addition, the production efficiency of nylon zipper is high and the price of raw materials is low, so its production cost is low and it has competitive advantages in sales price. In recent years, nylon zippers have been widely used for gold and silver plating.

Disadvantages: polyester monofilament is easy to age, and its application scope for high and low temperature is narrow.

Scope of application: Nylon zippers are widely used in all kinds of clothing and bags, especially underwear and high-grade clothing with thin fabrics. Among them, invisible zippers and double bone zippers are the best choices for women’s skirts and pants; It is widely used for various long and short detachable outerwear, as well as the connecting accessories in leather jackets, which mainly takes advantage of the windability of nylon zippers. The invisible zipper and double bone zipper are the best choices for women’s skirts and pants. The woven zipper makes the chain teeth thinner and softer because it has no central line, and will not cause the placket of the trousers to arch, becoming the first choice for high-end trousers.

3、 Metal zipper:

Features: durable, soft, elegant and solemn.

Disadvantages: The chain teeth are easier to fall off and shift than other types of zippers. Because of the high price of raw materials, the price is higher than other types of zippers. Among them, the strength performance of aluminum zipper is a little worse than that of copper zipper of the same model. However, after surface treatment, it has a copper like, multi-color decoration. Because the price is lower than copper, its sales price has a certain competitive advantage.

Scope of application: high-grade jackets, leather coats, ski shirts, down jackets, jeans, casual clothes, winter clothes, etc.

Post time: Nov-25-2022