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Metal Zipper Machine

Metal zipper machine use note
1. Cotton with metal zipper garments after dyeing and discoloration. Always pay attention when using it.
2. White-plated nickel-free, white-plated nickel-free pull head is easy to change color on white cotton. The main reason is that the bleaching process is not cleaned after dyeing and reacts with chemical residues.
3. The phenomenon of discoloration. If the metal zipper’s teeth are black, you should be careful, because the discolored teeth will pollute the fabric.
4. Transfer dyeing. The dye on the zipper and the plasticizer, the bonding agent, the oil agent and the like in the resin coating of the polyethylene, the synthetic leather, the cloth, etc. may react, and the transfer phenomenon occurs, and the finished products are separated by paper, and Pay attention to the saving status.
5. Zipper washing processing attention. After washing, the zipper microphone discolors or corrodes the washed processed drug, which weakens the zipper head. For washing and processing, use a spring-loaded zipper that is more resistant to washing.

All in all, the development of the type and style of the zipper directly promotes the development of the metal zipper machine . Nowadays, the quality requirements of the garments are getting higher and higher, and the requirements for the overall accessories of the clothes are getting higher and higher. The zipper is the most important thing in the clothes. Accessories, therefore, people also began to pay attention to the quality of the clothes zipper, which requires a powerful, good quality zipper machine.




Post time: Nov-07-2019