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Mini dyeing machin

Features of the mini dyeing machine:
1, Mini small machine, low cost and economical.
2, Smart touch LCD screen, display high definition, high sensitivity.
3, Image animation synchronization graphic display, work progress at a glance.
4, Mini dyeing machine can choose to end in the last cylinder, or the upper position of the water tank to optimize the dyeing process
5, It is intelligent control of hot air, automatic drying, convenient and fast.
6, The mini dyeing machine adopts automatic water inlet and drainage to ensure sufficient cleaning.

Mini dyeing machine use precautions:
1, The bath ratio control.
2,Heating, insulation and cooling.
3. Control of PH value.
4, Chemical materials and feeding.
5, Pay attention to leveling.

Precautions during the operation of the mini dyeing machine:
1. Before operating the mini dyeing machine, it must undergo relevant training and pass the test before it can be employed.
2. Work must be dressed neatly and meet the requirements before work.
3. Check the equipment status of the mini dyeing machine before work every day. If there are safety hazards, do not operate the mini dyeing machine.
4. Keep the fire passage clear during the operation of the mini dyeing machine. It is strictly forbidden to block the passage.
5. After the end of each day, the water, electricity, and steam must be cut off and the equipment must be cleaned.

Post time: Jul-27-2019