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Small zipper puller machine

The 160-31 stainless steel automatic pipe cutting machine can automatically clamp, feed, feed, and set the size of the zipper puller. It has a fixed number of shutdown and work measurement functions. The main circuit of this machine adopts Japan’s Mitsubishi PLC computer to control the zipper puller machine. It is easy to operate, sensitive and easy to maintain. Automatic feeding, clamping and cutting system, feeding is accurate and fast, it can cut 4-10 times per minute without damaging the surface of the workpiece. The counter can be set to cut the number of times when the zipper puller machine is worn, and it will automatically stop after cutting. A    total counter can count the daily workload record. The total pressure, front, and zipper puller machines are adjustable, and the pressure can be adjusted steplessly to ensure that the zipper pullers are not pinched and deformed. The cutting length accuracy is plus or minus 0.03mm, and the cut is shiny. No burrs, the clamp can cut 1-10 tubes at a time. How much is the front clamp and zipper puller machine, how much is a zipper puller machine, how much is a clamp, zipper puller machine how much is a knife speed, feeding speed can be adjusted in sections, work and workpiece accuracy are under control. Stainless steel automatic pipe cutting machine 160-31 type special machine for cutting triangular, hexagonal, round and square stainless steel pipes. How much does the automatic zipper puller machine cost a work-wearing zipper puller machine? How much is a machine mode: reset all manually, (right shift) select the subtotal, how much does the zipper puller machine cost a number of cuts and send several times After starting the motor (how much is a machine with a zipper puller is ON) press (start) the motor does not start or the saw table cannot work, indicating that the switches are not reset and cannot be automatic. How much is a zipper puller machine with

Post time: Oct-19-2021