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Structure and Principle of Zipper for Zipper Equipment


Zippers are very common in our daily life, but few people know what the principle of zippers is?

1: The zipper teeth have different sizes and shapes, but the teeth at the left and right ends of the same zipper must be the same size. The zipper head has a variety of shapes, which can be used not only as a handle, but also as a decoration. The zipper head can also be used as a safe, when the zipper is zipped, it will not slide off actively. The working principle of the zipper is very simple, that is, two zipper belts through the effect of the zipper, so that it can be arbitrarily zipped or switched, or perhaps arbitrarily locked and opened.

2: The working principle of zipper teeth is that each tooth is a small hook, which can match the hole under a small tooth on the next and opposite cloth belt. This kind of zipper is very strong, so long as the slider slides to open the teeth, it will not open.

3: Two matching chain toothbands can be pulled or switched at will by the effect of the pull head. When the pull head moves forward, the foot of the chain teeth on the two chain teeth bands is pushed out due to the shape restriction of the closure angle of the inner cavity of the pull head, thus meshing regularly with each other, thus forming the closure condition of the zipper. When the zipper is pulled to the top of the zipper, the width of the zipper is larger than that of the narrow part of the inner cavity of the zipper, so that the zipper can not fall off the chain. When the zipper is pulled backward, because of the splitting angle (dihedral angle) formed by the two cylinders of the zipper inner cavity, the front of the zipper teeth is separated from the valley one by the other, so that the two chain teeth bands are separated. Parting. When the zipper is pulled to the bottom of the chain, the width of the upper and lower ends (also called upper and lower codes) is larger than the width of the opening of the inner cavity of the zipper, so that the zipper does not fall off the chain belt.

Post time: May-08-2019