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The structure and principle of zipper

“The structural components of the zipper are mainly composed of chain teeth, sliders (including pull tabs), cloth tapes, upper and lower stops, etc. The chain teeth (also called chain teeth) refer to the teeth arranged in a row, which are the key part of the zipper. It directly determines the side pull strength of the zipper, and the teeth can be made of metal, resin or plastic steel. Generally, the zipper has two pieces of chain belt (also called cloth belt), and the chain belt can be woven from board or polyester yarn. There is a row of fastener elements on the belt, and the two rows of fastener elements are arranged in a staggered manner. The zipper stops at the top and is fixed on the fastener chain belt to prevent the slider from sliding out of the fastener chain when the fastener chain is closed. A kind of movable component, which is composed of the slider body-level pull-tab
The superiority of the FU chain conveyor comes from its operating principle, because the material has the characteristics of internal friction and side pressure, and the movement of the conveyor chain increases the internal pressure of the material in the machine tank and the internal friction between the particles. When the internal friction between the material layers is greater than the external friction between the material and the tank wall, the material flows forward like water with the conveyor chain. When the ratio of the material layer height to the machine tank width is satisfactory, it can form a stable material flow. The original delivery principle, the advanced design and manufacturing process provide the excellent functions of this series of products.

Post time: Sep-23-2022