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Velcro Machine

With the development of technology, the application of Velcro is becoming more and more extensive.

Velcro is a connecting fabric composed of nylon hook tape and nylon fleece tape.

Nylon tower buckle belt is a woven fabric textile made of nylon silk. One kind of woven surface is woven with many loops.The other is woven with many uniform small hooks on the surface.

As long as the belts are aligned, the loops will be caught. The terry is hooked and can only be torn apart when pulled slightly from the head end of the buckle.

Therefore, it can play a coupling role to replace the connection of buttons, snaps, zippers, etc.

The characteristic of the material is very convenient to use, time-saving, fast, and soft on the seam.

Nylon tower buckle strap is suitable for garments, shoes and hats industry, umbrella industry, handbags, toys, household goods, sports goods, handicrafts, etc.

In addition,Velcro is used widely in supporting industries such as garment factories, shoe and hat factories, luggage factories, sofa factories, curtain factories,toy factories,tent factories, glove factories, sports equipment factories, medical equipment factories, electronic plastic factories and various military products.

Post time: May-18-2020