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Waterproof Zipper Machine

The waterproof zipper machine transports the zipper automatically to complete the heat sealing process.

The sealing temperature can be controlled automatically. According to the performance requirements of various waterproof zipper tapes, the hot air sealing temperature can be adjusted accurately .The quality of the waterproof zipper is guaranteed.

The waterproof zipper is tough in texture.It is corrosion-resistant,soft, smooth.

It does not contain, heavy metals, nickel, carcinogens, allergens, etc. There is environmental protection, needle inspection, anti-wrinkle and non-marking. The waterproof zipper teeth straight and no wave.

The waterproof zipper machine is suitable for professional production of zippers of various specifications. The heat-sealing tape is heat-sealed on the back of the zippers to prevent the zippers from leaking on sewing various waterproof clothes, tents, waterproof shoes, waterproof gloves and waterproof covers of various sizes and seepage.

The waterproof zipper machine is easy to use. The speed can be adjusted freely according to product requirements.

Post time: May-15-2020