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What are the relevant testing of computer zipper machines

Maintaining material tension and accurate control of tension fluctuations in computer zipper is an important factor in improving production efficiency and controlling the quality of computer zipper mechanism. Tension testing is the basic prerequisite for tension control. There are two types of tension sensors of traditional computer zippers: direct measurement and indirect measurement. Direct measurement consisting of bearing tension sensors, such as the excitation coil and secondary coil of the component tension sensor. The secondary coil is a sensor. When magnetic components are mechanical stress on the measuring direction, magnetic coupling phenomenon occurs, and an inductive AC voltage signal that is proportional to the mechanical force on the secondary coil is generated. Through signal processing, the output is proportional to the tension signal that is proportional to the mechanical force. The pressure -resistant tension sensor is installed between the bearings and the rack, which is used to record the horizontal tension of the drum. The corresponding amplifier is used to provide the voltage and process measurement signals of the bridge.

Indirect tension detection is essentially a position control, which is often used to detect the tension of floating rollers. When the tension is stable, the tension of the material band and the power balance of the cylinder make the floating roller at the center position. When the tension changes, the position of the floating roller rises or decreases. Floating roller potentials detect the position of the floating roller, and feedback the position signal to the tension controller, and the tension controller calculates and outputs the control signal.

This tension detection method combined with direct testing and indirect testing can simultaneously detect the tension signal of the position signal of the floating roller and the output of the sensor. The cushion and stability effect are good, the closed -loop control accuracy is high, and the repeatability is good.

There is also a detection method to obtain tension based on the diameter of the wound diameter. This method uses the speed of the closer switch to detect the rolling shaft installed on the scroll shaft. According to the cumulative calculation of the initial value of the setting shaft and the thickness of the material, the initial value of the material thickness is obtained through the cumulative calculation. The current diameter of the roller is covered or out of the roller, and the output control signal is output according to the change diameter of the rolling diameter to control the torque of the rolling torque or the torque of the dynamic torque, thereby adjusting the tension.

Post time: Mar-16-2023