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What is the application of two-way split zipper?

The two-way split zipper can be completely separated and can be decompressed from the top and bottom. They usually appear in long jackets, ski jackets, long coats, vests, wool, overcoats, sportswear, outdoor clothing, hammock covers, sleeping bags and many other applications.

What is the function of the two-way split zipper?

Equipped with two sliders and two pull tabs, this type of zipper is very popular due to various advantages.

Take the two-way split zipper of a jacket/coat as an example. The pull ring at the bottom can slide up along the track to open the lower half of the zipper for easy movement, such as free walking, waist bending or comfortable sitting. It is also great to let in fresh air and ventilation without opening the entire zipper.

How to use two-way split zipper correctly?

Please follow the steps below to properly close and open the two-way separation zipper.

Take the two-way split zipper of a jacket/coat as an example.


①Slide the top slider down until it touches the bottom slider

②Insert the pin firmly into the base and align the reinforcing bands on both sides

③Fix the bottom slider in place, and then gently slide the top slider upwards

Post time: Nov-24-2021