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zipper category

Mainly we can classify zippers in the following two ways:

1. Materials

The zipper uses the following different types of materials:

a) Nylon/coil zipper

Nylon coil zippers consist of a continuous chain of coils made of nylon. They are very flexible and are most often used in fashion (skirts, dresses, etc.), pouches and handbags. If the coil is on the back of the zipper instead of the front, it is a hidden zipper.

b) Plastic/vislon/derlin zipper.

Plastic molded zippers have individual plastic elements that fit together like a puzzle. They are very durable and are often used in outerwear, sportswear and equipment (gym bags, etc.) and outdoor gear.

c) Metal

Metal zippers consist of individual metal elements. They are usually made of nickel, brass, aluminum and manganese. They come in several finishes such as Gold, Antique Gold, Black Oxidized Brass, Nickel Aluminum and Specialty Paints. They are commonly used in jeans, leather goods, jackets, sweatshirts and bags.

2. Function.

According to the function, the zipper can be divided into the following ways:

a) Closed zippers are non-separating and are usually opened and closed with a slider. The bottom stop consists of a single piece and does not allow the chain to separate completely. These zippers are used for pants, jeans, bags, boots and more

. b) Opening (separation) The ends of the zipper are separated. The ends are connected by a box pin mechanism provided at the lower end of the zipper. The zipper is closed with a slider and is usually used on jackets and other outerwear.

c) The ends of the two-way separation zipper are also separated. Bottom slider allows movement from the bottom of the zipper. These zippers are used in raincoats, sportswear and sleeping bags.

d) Dual-purpose head-to-head zipper When closing the zipper, there are two sliders in the center of the chain. The head-to-head zipper can be opened by pulling the slider towards the stop, but it cannot be separated due to the two inseparable stops at the end. These zippers are mainly used in bags, backpacks and luggage.

e) Two-way tail-to-tail zippers have sliders on opposite ends when the zipper is closed. These zippers can be opened by pulling the sliders towards each other, but not apart. They are used for work clothes and anything else.

Post time: Aug-02-2022