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Zipper Machine

Fu type zipper machine product description:
Fu type zipper machine is also called Fu chain conveyor. FU zipper machine is manufactured by advanced technology at home and abroad. It is a new type of conveying equipment for horizontal conveying of powder and small block materials. Because Fu zipper is a reasonable design, novel structure and long product life. Therefore, this product is very popular among users. The Fu type zipper utilizes the internal friction of the bulk material to ensure a stable state between the layers, and the zipper forms a continuous overall flow under the action of the conveyor chain.

Technical advantages of the FU type zipper machine:
1.FU type zipper machine has a large conveying capacity, which allows a large amount of materials to be transported in a small capacity space.
2.The energy consumption of the conveyance is low, and the internal friction of the material is very energy-saving.
3.Sealed safety, the fully sealed casing has no dust pollution, safe operation and reliable operation.
4.The service life is long, and the service chain made of alloy steel is processed by advanced heat treatment, and the service life is more than three years.
5.The conveying length is long, and the horizontal conveying distance can reach more than 60 meters.
6.The process layout is flexible, and can be installed on the elevated, ground, pit, and climbing slopes.
7.The maintenance rate is extremely low, reducing consumption and improving efficiency.

Application of FU type zipper machine:
The conveying length of the FU type zipper can be designed and produced according to special requirements. Therefore, FU zipper products are widely used in chemical, mining, electric power, grain and oil processing, transportation, port and transportation industries. It is an ideal new type of conveying equipment.

Post time: Aug-01-2019