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  • Plastic Zipper

    The difference between plastic zipper and nylon zipper: Normally, the nylon zipper has a thinner teeth and looks translucent. It feels like a plastic wire loop, and the nylon zipper is soft. The plastic zipper is a resin zipper with thicker teeth and opaque teeth. It feels like a plastic block. P...
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  • Plastic Dewatering Machine

    What parts of the maintenance of the plastic dewatering machine should you pay attention to? The plastic dewatering machine should be regularly paid attention to maintenance, and it can be used for a long time later. The following is the maintenance method of the plastic dewatering machine: 1. Ma...
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  • Zipper Machine

    Fu type zipper machine product description: Fu type zipper machine is also called Fu chain conveyor. FU zipper machine is manufactured by advanced technology at home and abroad. It is a new type of conveying equipment for horizontal conveying of powder and small block materials. Because Fu zipper...
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  • A Simple Method of Repairing Zippers

    A Simple Method of Repairing Zippers

    Damage to zippers is a common problem in our daily life. Here are some simple ways to repair the broken zippers. If the zipper lock is broken, you can only change the zipper lock. If it's not bad, follow the following steps: First remove the top too...
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  • Structure and Principle of Zipper for Zipper Equipment

    Structure and Principle of Zipper for Zipper Equipment

    Zippers are very common in our daily life, but few people know what the principle of zippers is? 1: The zipper teeth have different sizes and shapes, but the teeth at the left and right ends of the same zipper must be the same size. The zipper head has...
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  • Introduction to the Working Principle and Mode of Zipper Machine

    The working principle of zipper machine is similar to that of syringe for injection. It is a process of injecting the plasticized melted plastic (i.e. viscous flow) into the closed cavity with the help of screw (or plunger) and solidifying and shaping the product. Zipper mechanical operation proj...
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  • What systems do zipper machines have?

    Zipper machine is composed of injection system, clamping system, hydraulic transmission system, electrical control system, belt feeding auxiliary system, heating and cooling system, safety monitoring system, etc. Function of injection system: Injection system is one of the main components of inje...
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  • how to choose zipper according to the requirements of garment design

    Considerations can be made from the following aspects: (1) Choose the zipper according to the strength of the zipper. When considering the strength of the zipper, the main choice is the type of zipper. (2) Design according to the material of zipper’s zipper teeth. The material of zipper tee...
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  • The discoloration and treatment of metal zippers in zipper machinery

    (1) discoloration of chain teeth Metal chains made of copper alloys (nickel, red copper, brass) are manufactured on wool products of metal products. Some teeth of zippers will be blackened due to metal oxidation, which is caused by the discoloration caused by the dissolution of incomplete residua...
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  • The use of Velcro

    The use of Velcro

    Shenzhen Huiyu Hengtong Development Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of Velcro. It provides velcro for some garment factories, shoe factories and other factories all the year round. Velcro is an environmentally friendly, durable, affordable, inexpensive and convenient accesso...
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