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  • Daily maintenance and maintenance of zipper machinery

    In the daily use process, the operator should always check the chain and various transmission parts of the zipper machine. If any damaged parts are found, they should be repaired and replaced in time, and if there are abnormal conditions, they should be repaired by maintenance personnel in time, ...
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  • Design requirements of zipper machinery

    The zipper machine is the name of a kind of equipment for processing zippers. The working principle of the zipper machine is equivalent to using the thrust of a screw (or plunger) to inject the plasticized molten state (that is, the viscous state) into the closed plastic. In the mold cavity, the ...
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  • The working principle of zipper machinery

    The working principle of the zipper machine is similar to the syringe used for injection. It uses the thrust of the screw (or plunger) to inject the plasticized plastic in the molten state (that is, the viscous fluid state) into the closed mold cavity. The process of obtaining the product after t...
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  • The reason and treatment of zipper machine belt material

    The zipper machine is a commonly used conveying equipment in the cement industry. For the zipper machine, there are single-point feeding and single-point discharging; there are also multi-point feeding and multi-point unloading. Multi-point unloading often accompanies the problem of carrying mate...
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  • Luggage zipper cutting machine cuts stably. Lattice belt cutting machine is labor-saving.

    Dear customer, come in and take a look, take a look, our company produces fully automatic equipment Product configuration and features: 1. Use ultra-original motor components and alloy tools; 2. Using motor system control to ensure the quality and stability of the equipment; 3. Can be cut continu...
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  • About the advantages of fully automatic zipper machine

    The product is mainly composed of head section, middle section, optional section, tail section and conveyor chain, feed port and drive assembly. The drive assembly of the automatic zipper machine is divided into two types: left-mounted and right-mounted. The model can be selected according to the...
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  • What is the main reason for the chain disconnection of the zipper machine?

    ​Jinsheng zipper machine has accumulated many years of production experience, and summarized the reasons for a set of zipper machine chains to be disconnected, for customers to use as a reference for normal maintenance: 1. Uneven movement of the chain: The chain has a certain degree of sag in the...
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  • Advantages of fully automatic zipper machine

    Full-automatic zipper-wearing machine, full-automatic equipment manufactures a large number of detachable long and short coats, connecting accessories in leather jackets, full-auto zipper-wearing machine. Its function is to support the conveyor belt and make the conveyor belt hang down. The degre...
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  • How should we prevent the metal zipper to be faded?

    1.The zipper color will be faded when it is bleached with the woollens.So how to prevent this could be happened? Here is something we should know the woollen: is available to be bleached with oxidizer such as peroxide; is availabl to be bleached with reducing agent such as hydrogen sulfide; In ad...
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  • The principle of zipper machinery, operating procedures?

    The principle of zipper machinery, operating procedures?

    The working principle of the zipper machine is similar to that of the syringe used for injection, which is to inject the plasticized molten plastic (that is, viscous flow) into the closed mold cavity by means of the thrust of the screw (or plunger), and obtain the technological process of the pro...
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  • velcro loop of different functions

    velcro loop of different functions

    Flame retardant plastic: This product is produced and processed through a unique processing technology to make it have a strong self-extinguishing property. It is widely used in fire safety, military supplies, automotive industry and other products. Vulcanization resistance: Solved by unique proc...
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  • velcro circles

    velcro circles

    The lint-free Velcro has a loop fleece shape and no fleece process. The loop fleece is neatly arranged, durable, soft, smooth, and good to the touch. Good adhesion, good effect with soft hook. The lint-free Velcro is a kind of special Velcro. It is especially suitable for high-frequency opening a...
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