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  • Metal Zipper Machine

    Zipper machine is widely used in the sealing and bonding of flexible packaging bags in food bags, clothing bags, textile industrial products and other industries. By using the characteristics of internal friction and side pressure of bulk materials, it ensures the stable state between the layers ...
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  • Centrifugal Dewatering Machine

    Centrifugal Dewatering is a type of t washing equipment. It uses a centrifugal method such as inner cylinder rotation, and it uses a centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation to throw out the moisture contained in the object. Centrifugal dehydrators are leaking dehydrators, upper dischar...
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  • Zip Metals

    The metal zippers are the type of the zippers. The zippers are made of copper, copper or aluminum. Compared with nylon zippers and resin zippers, they are more robust. They are mostly used on jeans, jackets and backpacks. Its sizes are: 3 #, 4 #, 5 #, 7 #, 8 #, etc. The zipper size changes accord...
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  • How should we prevent the metal zipper to be faded?

    1.The zipper color will be faded when it is bleached with the woollens.So how to prevent this could be happened? Here is something we should know the woollen: is available to be bleached with oxidizer such as peroxide; is availabl to be bleached with reducing agent such as hydrogen sulfide; In ad...
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  • The principle of zipper machinery, operating procedures?

    The principle of zipper machinery, operating procedures?

    The working principle of the zipper machine is similar to that of the syringe used for injection, which is to inject the plasticized molten plastic (that is, viscous flow) into the closed mold cavity by means of the thrust of the screw (or plunger), and obtain the technological process of the pro...
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  • How to choose the zipper & zipper machine

    Different zipper machine produce the different zipper,that’s why the customers need to purchase the right zipper machine in according of their own demands. The tips as follow: A: The zipper shouldn’t be contacted with the strong acid or strong water,such as the zipper on the leather bags,boots,te...
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  • velcro loop of different functions

    velcro loop of different functions

    Flame retardant plastic: This product is produced and processed through a unique processing technology to make it have a strong self-extinguishing property. It is widely used in fire safety, military supplies, automotive industry and other products. Vulcanization resistance: Solved by unique proc...
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  • velcro circles

    velcro circles

    The lint-free Velcro has a loop fleece shape and no fleece process. The loop fleece is neatly arranged, durable, soft, smooth, and good to the touch. Good adhesion, good effect with soft hook. The lint-free Velcro is a kind of special Velcro. It is especially suitable for high-frequency opening a...
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  • The structure of zipper

    Top edge:  Fixed on the zipper chain, stop the slider to be removed away when you pull the zipper Puller: Connected with the puller Top stop: Fixed on the zipper chain, stop the slider to be removed away when you pull the zipper Slider: The slider joins or separates the elements when the zipper ...
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  • What to do if the ultrasonic welding machine is unstable?

    What to do if the ultrasonic welding machine is unstable?

    The instability of the ultrasonic welding machine may be caused by the following reasons, please improve the following conditions: 1.Power supply; Unstable voltage will cause large output to small output; 2. Air pressure: It is necessary to provide clean compressed air with a sufficiently high p...
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  • Ultrasonic welding machine overload alarm

    Ultrasonic welding machine overload alarm

    There are four ways to troubleshoot the cause of the ultrasonic overload alarm: 1. No-load test: If the current is normal, it may be that the ultrasonic welding head is in contact with an object that should not be touched or the parameter adjustment between the ultrasonic welding head and the we...
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  • The Innovation of Zipper

    As we all know the zipper is irreplaceable in our daily life, since it’s invented in 1893. As time goes on, there are so many kinds of zipper being made during these years, just like plastic zipper, metal zipper, nylon zipper andetc,and there is no doubt that the market will become sluggish and m...
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